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Charlotte Family Law

Securing your Children and your Assets


Experienced, Trustworthy Family Law Attorney

Client Focused and Results Driven

A family in turmoil needs solutions, not more disruption. It is our mission to counsel parties to achieve a solution for moving forward that represents a realistic and healthy plan for parents and children alike.

Brad Honnold

Over 20 years of Family Law Practice

The Honnold Law Firm is a client service-centered Charlotte law firm concentrating on Family Law and Civil Litigation. Our attorneys bring over twenty years of experience in personalized client care during what is, for most parents, the most difficult period of their lives.


Full Service Family Law
and Divorce Attorneys

We combine personal service with thorough preparation and compassionate, objective, and competent legal advice.

Separation Agreements

Negotiated and voluntary settlement agreements aimed at amicably resolving all your divorce - related legal issues.

Child Custody

Developing a custody plan that is in the best interests of the child.

Equitable Distribution

Division and distribution of assets and debt.

Protective Orders

Domestic violence orders can protect parents, children, former spouses, current or former dating partners and other household members.